Do UX Design
Do UX Design
by Samantha Shaibani


User Experience Design

A small ebook written by Samantha Shaibani

Understand the UX profession, design process, and career transition basics through my guide


Thank you so very much for writing this book, I am loving it!

I’ve been interested in UX for a while but didn’t understand most of the stuff I read online. This book helped clear up SO many loose ends and helped me think through my career transition.”

- Meghan, a happy reader


Great exposure to the UX Design field apart from just technical skill!

After taking a UX course online, I felt like I was still unprepared to enter a UX career. The way you talk about your previous experience and knowledge of the field has helped me greatly. I even used the sample message to reach out to someone - and it worked.”

- Eric, a former sales associate


 Who this can help


✔︎ Career seekers who looking to break into UX Design

✔︎ Students or new graduates looking for their first UX job

✔︎ Graduates of design courses who want to grow and advance quickly

✔︎ Professionals doing UX work without any formal training


What we’ll cover


1. What is User Experience? 🧐

Understanding User Experience apart from UX Design is the beginning step to thriving in the career. I’ll demystify roles, use real world examples, and prompt you to think about problem scenarios in your life

2. The Design Process 💯

We’ll deep dive into the process that designers use to empathize and solve problems. I’ll guide you into applying this process to real world problems and address the single most important part that’s often left out

3. Who practices UX? 💪🏼

It should come to no surprise to you that everyone “transitions” into a UX role. I’ll share all the ways your background is unique and prompt you to think about how you will leverage your previous experience

4. UX’ing on a team 📝

You learn all this stuff about UX Design, but what happens when you join a company? I’ll share the details of working on a design/product team, the day in the life of a UX’er, and expectations for joining a company

5. Preparing for a UX career 📚

In preparation for a career transition, I’ll share my most valuable book recommendations, techniques I used to immerse myself into community, and how to reach out to like minded individuals

Includes 3 exercises and extras! 🍒

And finally, this book is about applying your learnings as you go. Included in the book are sample exercises and messages that I’ve used in my career and invite you to participate in as you read!


Hello and welcome! I’m Samantha.

Not too long ago I career transitioned into User Experience from a robust background in Interior Architecture and Design. I quit my job, took a full-time immersive bootcamp, and poured everything in my heart and bank account at UX Design. It certainly wasn’t easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

What came from this career transition rewarded me with so much more than I expected. UX is about more than just enhancing people’s experiences. Wielding empathy and a fool proof problem solving process, you’re bound to improve much more than your day job.

As you go through this guide, it’s expected that you’ll have questions and feedback. Don’t be shy - hit me up on social, check out my website, and be sure to tag #douxdesign during your career transition!